The Overstay Front

If you are looking for a different hostel experience than The Overstay Bangkok is the right place for you! The hostel was founded in 2008 by travelers in this shop-house that previously housed a brothel. The building was empty and in very bad condition. The Founder of the Overstay started used all his energy and limited resources to create a hostel. But not a normal hostel; the concept was to keep the vibes of a squat and to create an alternative to the usual Khao San Road options (if you ever been to Bangkok, you know what that means).

Over the years the Overstay has become home to many people from around the world as it became a creative spot for artists, musicians, painters and authors. From the ground floor to the rooftop, the hostel is decorated with graffiti, paintings and beautification from guests and Bangkok based artists.

Even now, we still preserve the original idea and the alternative spirit in which this abode was created. We are a squat-hostel and we are one big family. If you are looking for a truly unique hostel experience, than you found your spot to crash.

about the Overstay

The Dorms

We have two air-conditioned mixed dorms. The big dorm has 16 beds and it’s the perfect place to meet other travelers from all over the world. Our small dorm has 10 beds and it is located right next to the space set up as a creativity and art area. The perfect spot to find imaginative inspiration, before bed or after you wake up. Both dorms offer a Free WIFI connection, several electric plugs to charge your gadgets and lockers to keep your valuables safe.

The Rooms

So it turns out you are not a dorm sleeper. Well we can understand that and we have other solutions too. The Overstay also has 3 single rooms and 11 double rooms.. All our rooms have fans and some have aircondition , to book a room follow the link here :

The rooms have all been decorated and painted differently by former artistic guests or local talents. So if you stay in one feel free to paint as well and become a part of the Overstay forever.

All floors have toilets and bathrooms; with bum guns! All the rooms have WiFi access too.

Common area in The Overstay

We are one crazy family so don’t spend too much of your time alone in the dorm bed or your room. For us the common area is the center of hostel life and we try to do everything possible to make you feel like its your own homey hostel.


The Bar


Open 24 hours a day, every day, every week, every month and all year long. Dehydration is something we can’t accept. We provide every kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you could possibly need. If you want you can create your own cocktail and find out if your creations are what other travelers fancy as well.

The Overstay bar is famous for its parties and concerts, which take place every week end; when we burn down the house and party up non-stop with local and international bands and DJ’s. We have lots of Instruments; a full drum kit, E-Guitars, Bass, several acoustic guitars, turntables and tons of Vinyls. You cannot only use them any time you want; we want you to use them as much as possible. Even if you can’t play an instrument – in the Overstay you can learn it.

Additionally we have a free pool table, darts, skateboards, many books, exchange market, WIFI in the whole building, Mini GYM and a lot of space just to chill out and start conversations.

Community Kitchen

Thailand and Bangkok is famous worldwide for its incredible array of street food but after a few months or years on the road as a Backpacker you may want to eat something comforting from home or maybe just cook for yourself. We have a fully equipped kitchen where you can make magic happen. We also have a fridge for keeping your ingredients fresh. The only rule in our kitchen is = BE VEGGIE!!!

Open Art and Co working space

On the 4th floor we provide working space for artists, authors and painters. An area surrounded by inspired energies and motivation. For an efficient and creative working atmosphere we provide fans and high speed WIFI and LAN Internet connections.

To be original in The Overstay you don’t have to sit in our Art space, the whole building is your sketch book.  Every wall can be the your next canvas or project so come to the Overstay and make yourself part of the family with your art.

The Rooftop

Our chill out area on top of Bangkok gives you a birds eye view and is a cool spot to just hang out and chat with other travelers while you feel the wind on your face. The perfect spot to see the sunrise over the Bangkok skyline.

Other little things which make your stay even better… We are there for you 24 hours a day; at least one of the family members is always behind the bar. We are happy to help and inspire you while you sojourn in Bangkok. If you want to see, taste and experience Bangkok like a real local, then we can point you to the coolest places and you can be assured they will not be the tips you find in the Lonely Planet.

We have coin-operated washing machines so no need to run around with dirty cloths. We do have a midday check out time but it’s ok easy if you need 1 or 2 more hours before you leave, we are not going to boot you out. Take it easy, after all, you are in The Overstay!

Remember when you do decide to check out but still want to discover Bangkok before you’re off to your next destination, you don’t have to carry your gear around with you. There is a nice storage area where you can leave you backpack and belongings.

The Animal Kingdom of The Overstay

We not only take care of our guests and long-term stayers. We also take care of 2 cats and 2 dogs. The Overstay is famous in the neighborhood for adopting stray kittens and they often get dumped on the door step. These fur babies are part of our family and we co-habit, with them in loving harmony and respect. 

Outside of the Overstay Universe

We are situated in Bangkok’s Thonburi area, a real local neighborhood, on the main Charan Sanit Wong road near Soi 40. You can walk to the historical city center and old town in about 20 minutes. With a taxi or motorbike-taxi it will only take 5 to 10 minutes to get over the bridge and will cost you very little money. Besides, riding around Bangkok on the back of a motorbike taxi is defiantly something you shouldn’t miss. We are well connected to the Bangkok bus system so geting around is easy if you know how. And we know the ins and outs, so just ask us!!!

50 meters from The Overstay is a 7/11 shop that’s open 24/7 and we are surrounded by local street stalls and restaurants offering all kinds of delicious authentic Thai food. The night market accross the road also has amazing food and street art. 

Want more? Some of us have been living in Bangkok for years and are happy to share some insider knowledge. We know secret spots and hidden venues, fascinating night markets and green hideaways amongst the hustle and bustle that will let you catch a glimpse of real Thai living and daily lives. Go exploring and you will have more fun than you ever expected in the city that never sleeps. So go ahead – what you waiting for? Its time to OVERSTAY.