Battle for Bangkok : Rock Fest

Bclick here to see our event page attle for Bangkok concept is to bring all kind of rock band together and have a friendly battle of the bands.
All bands are getting paid the same but only one get to claim the bragging rights and a ridiculous trophy made by the overstay team !
This time we are having a all Thai festival time that the local bands have really taken a big step forward.

From Psychdelic Blues to Metal or Hardcore punk we have a very different set of bands on this festival and all of them have a little something special here the line up :




Black ‘ciety // Metal
Pupu the authobahn // Electronica & rap (hilarious)
Superunknown // Psychedelic rock
License to kill // Hardcore
Night Train // Hardcore
The octopuss // Indie Grunge

More bands are avaiting to reply but we want to put this event on the map its going to be a big big one !

Entry 150 B

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