Bangkok Noi World Music Festival Vol 2



Following the great success of the first edition, The Overstay is ready to showcase some really different and awesome music.

Mixing up the genres, looking beyond modern commercial music we are looking forward to have music made by people for people, traditional beats that dig deep into that ancestral rhythm that we share..

It’s still a difficult time for The Overstay as legal fees are pilling up after the massive police bust of October 28 and we have to find new ways to operate legally while bringing original music to Bangkok City. This will be our first event since the reopening party and we really want to show a strong attendance after all that happened.

We have a big show with bands and Dj’s, live art and projection mapping, traditional dance workshops for guest to join, handicraft & alternative records market and international cuisine.

Music Line Up

Wat Noi Nang Hong Morlam Band
We discovered these guys in our neighborhood, performing for the temples and getting people dancing at 6 in the morning. Here is a strong Molarm Tei and Luk tung formation, playing modern instruments but also the phenomenal Ping and Khaen singing in traditional style.

These guys are the type of UFO we are proud of having them at The Overstay for the very first time, definitely psychedelic and still very Thai-Sanook : bringing a massive 7 people band with large Brass section : Trumpet, Tuba, Saxophon. Adding delay and flangers to their wind instruments they create a unique sound and up tempo feel to their instrumental groove. They are an upcoming band and we gonna rock to their sound for sure.

The Dude of Stratosphear
Long time Dj, producer, bassist and world traveler from Geneva to #Bangkok, Jerome is a character and a musical explorer. Mixing world music like no one else he is preparing an all vinyl set with influences for everywhere.

Bangkok Riddim Syndicate
Yuval and Rainny are a couple in real life and behind the decks, born after the tumultuous jail time its been a long time coming with years of exchanging music. Mixing up World music with a heavy dub influence they are sure to keep the night fun as Rainny will make everyone dance.

The Market
Opening The Overstay as a market space was a great experience last time, offering free space for our artists friends to showcase their work. We want to make it even more interesting this time, showcasing a large amount of alternative music, record store for a night. This is line with our new goals to be a platform for craftsmanship and music, helping artists live off their arts.

The Workshop
The Overstay is nowadays a Isan dictatorship with our friends Rainy (Pornpiroon) , Kwan (Phatcharaporn) and Wannaporn (Eve) forming the top tier of the Morlam army . We are confident in their Lam ability and they will teach the rest of us how to properly dance Isan music !

Projection Mapping and visuals
We are planning a unique atmosphere for this night so get ready for trippy visuals and live painting.

Cover 250 THB + Complementary Drink ? CD’s for the first 20 People.

More act and Promotion will be announced soon.


The facebook event link:
The Fundraiser if you want to help us after the police burst…
Post all your overstay photos to #keeptheoverstayalive we are making a big collage of it !

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