Holi Color Festival in BKK

A wild celebration of life, Holi is one of the biggest festival in the world. Each year in the beginning of March all of India goes absolutely crazy with tons of colored powder, the day the cast system fall down, people from all walks of life come together and live it out.

And that description is basically what we revendicate at The Overstay: Cultural awareness, lots of crazy people throwing things at each other and finally a great get together with people from all over the world to the sound of alternative artist.

For weeks we couldn’t decide if we liked more heavy dub and world music and that is indispensable is Indian bass beat!! for this event so we went for both.
Before midnight expect a crafty mix of dub and breaks, basically bass music. After get loose and shamanic to the sound of Indian Beat.

Entry is F R E E
Happy hours 7-9 pm buffet cocktail only 299 THB
P.S bring a go pro for amazing photos !!

more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/407293533058181/

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