Irie Beatz present Ras Muhamad live in Bangkok

Irie beatz special Ras Muhamad & Dakta Dub w/ Bangkok Smoke Run and Until That Day !


“ Said I’m rising out of the east. I represent for my people…Indonesia!” – Salam, Ras Muhamad
Prolific recording and performing artist, bi-lingual lyricist, published book author, radio host & producer. The self-proclaimed Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia, Ras Muhamad has relentlessly and ceaselessly spread the message of Reggae from the aspects of culture and history throughout Indonesia and to the likes of South East Asian regions.

Indonesian-born and raised, educated in New York City for over a decade-long, Ras Muhamad born as Muhamad Egar aspires to re-introduce Indonesia on a global scale, to put back “on the map” specifically in music, arts and talents that Indonesia has to offer to the world. With a career that spans a little over a decade ago; as of July 2014, Ras Muhamad steps into the international scene with a brand new album, his fifth studio album entitled “Salam” produced by Germany’s Oneness Records.
Ras Muhamad believes that through the power of music especially Reggae, people can share and learn of each other’s cultures through the message. To find similarities and common ground, setting aside petty differences and finally celebrating life and all its dynamics through music. Such as the core and heart of Reggae, it’s a universal expression and a message of love.

Ras Muhamad musical influences other than Reggae, Ska, Dancehall and Rocksteady ranges widely from Hip-Hop, Indonesian traditional and pop music, Jazz, Metal and World Music. Besides Bob Marley, his Reggae “heroes” are Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Sizzla, Garnett Silk Gregory Isaacs and a very long-list of others. Lyrically, he draws many inspirations also from Hip-Hop icons such Rakim, KRS-One, Nas and Wu-Tang. If a listener would have listen closely to any of Ras Muhamad’s tune his rhyme structure has subtle undertones and akin to a Hip-Hop lyricist. As he once stated that the first artists he heard when he reached New York as a child in the mid-90’s were Buju Banton, Wu-Tang, Shabba Ranks and the Fugees. To simply put his vocal and lyrical style is that of a HipHop emcee molded by the spirit and energy of Sizzla Kalonji and Garnett Silk.

His first nationally distributed album “Reggae Ambassador” in 2007, heavily experimented with Dancehall riddims. Ras Muhamad wanted to show a underexposed aspect of Reggae culture to South East Asia, the Dancehall culture. Ras Muhamad was the first of its kinda in SouthEast Asia, exposing the music industry to Dancehall Reggae music. In 2009, releasing his 2nd album “Next Chapter”; he continued on his duties as the Reggae Ambassador by collaborating with Norway’s Admiral P, Kenya’s KaSimba and the Malaysian-based Senegalese King Lhota. Musically, the direction of the “Next Chapter” album was inspired by Sizzla’s “Praise Ye Jah” and “Black Woman and Child” album and the “digital Roots Reggae” productions of Bobby Digital.
In 2012, Ras Muhamad saw the release of his 3rd studio album “Berjaya” where most of his lyrics are in Bahasa Indonesia. 2013 was the year when he became the first Reggae musician to ever written and published a book, “Negeri Pelangi” or Rainbow Country. His book became a national best-seller.
Not just a performing and recording artist and also a writer. Ras Muhamad is a radio announcer and radio-program producer in one of Jakarta’s most popular radio station, Mustang88fm. “JamaicanSound” airs live every week, the Reggae Ambassador plays, updates, shares news, culture and historic values with his numerous amount of fans. He deems it as a responsibility like the duties of Mutabaruka and Sir Rodigan broadcasting of Reggae culture.
So forth, the Reggae Ambassador is armed with experience as of a veteran to step into a new scene. Hailing and roaring with his brand of Indonesian Reggae music to any part of the world.

Dakta Dub
Dakta Dub is a true Junglist, outernational DJ. His unique choice of music genres put him right across the border of cross culture musical boundaries. He plays a collection of Indian music from across the globe, a true Rastafarai believer and big fan of reggae music and the legend Bob Marley. The Budapest underground music culture made a strong impact on him, which gave him way to explore to underground hip-hop, old skool, nu skool jazz, trip-hop, drum n bass, Jungle, Reggae/Dub and many more global influences.
He had been covered both by print and digital media both in Europe and India.
Daktadub has found Monkey Foundation, a not for profit cultural organization in India. Working on first of a kind Internet radio, in Hyderabad.

Until That Day
Until that day is born out of an EP from Major Reggae Band Easy star All Star. It is inspired by the deep message. a direct homage to Haile Sellasie speech to the United Nation, That “Ras I Ray”, bassist of Easy star took on himself and decided to create a new worldwide structure to promote peace through music. I Ray who first came to Thailand with Easy Star for the big Pai Reggae festival in Chiang Mai, is now one of Bangkok Newest expat and looking to help nurture the local scene.

Bangkok Smoke Run Featuring Tony Rankin.
Original roots reggae band, Bangkok Smoke run is a well versed reggae band with front man Kong who sings original tracks and reggae /ragga muffin favorites. The very dynamic horn section (saxophone, trombone, trumpet) is a real treat..
Back to back with Kong is Tony Rankin one of the first reggae artists to come to Thailand the Brooklyn native is now a full time resident of the Kingdom and he is with us to share his tales and his good sense of fun.

Mc Skuph is the main behind the scene making sure Irie Beatz and reggae music keep on thriving in Bangkok. Big up to him, and make sure to check his productions

U-Key is our Japanese wild card : a natural talent of music he can pick up and guitar and sing his tracks or grab the mic and change the night into a ragga muffin feast.

TIme 8 – 1 am , because of Police being very tough we have no other choice but to start the event very early, please understand this is a difficult time , and make this mini festival a success.

Entry 250 B includes one Free “Until that day” Pin

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