Mayor of the Overstay

Mayor of the ‘stay
Its been a long time that the tittle of Mayor hasnt been put to contest so this Friday make sure to come and fight for this honor. The rules are simples challenge someone else and get a point if you win : the mayor will be the one with the most points
Mayor will goes home without paying for his drinks and of course get the tittle of Mayor everytimes he or she walks in the premises, the runner up will get a half tab!
So what kind of challenge are we talking about ?
– Hot Dog Speed eating
– Pool playing
– Joke telling
– Beer Chugging
– Street fighter on the big screen
– Spicy food
The contests are self-organized so you can challenge anyone to anything really a board will be keeping the scores.
Have fun and be sport!

F R E E – E N T R Y

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