Not so Hi-So Fashion show Vol.01

Not so Hi-So Fashion show Vol.01

Your old clothes, shoes, bags, hats, your old wardrobe we fashion into a show. Model your pieces and have them auctioned off, the money collected being donated and distributed among the artists. Of course, we will have our in house modelling troup take your place on the catwalk if you are shy…or lazy.

All earnings will be donated and distributed to the artists joining us for this event. What clothes are not auctioned off will be donated to a local charity. Nevertheless, we ask that a single customer/visitor bring / no more than \ 10 pieces of large clothing.

Throughout the evening we will have various artists offering their trade.

Date: Sat 12 May, 2018
Taime: start 7 PM
Place: The Overstay
Entry: F R E E

Sassy Art Ink is a hand-poke tattoo artist: Sassy view of life, from a lost artist in the world.
Hand-poke tattoo / Design / Phylosophy / Fashion



Make up Artist + Hair Stylish:
Laowo and mum
• String art workshop at Mai aim contemporary art gallery
• Makeup and and face painting for models at Thapae East (Woke Folks Festival)
• Festival face painting and makeup (Jaithep Music Festival)
• Virblatt clothing company
• Look book fashion festival (Models, makeup artists, stylist artist)

Chagorn Barbering:
A barber owning a shop near Wong Vien Yai, he will join us this Saturday and offer stylish cuts! Ask for the vintage Thai style.

Dj Pzychobiz: is Jannipa Yoosaeng, affectionately known throughout the Asian psychedelic party circuit as Nun.
She discovered psytrance sometime around 2008 and was immediately captivated by its energy, characters and colour. Pzychobiz is now ready to elbow the crusty blokes out of the booths and sprinkle a bit of her own magic on dancefloor proceedings.

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