Sunday Family Dinner

We are starting a new weekly event that is the simplest one : make a family dinner every sunday so that we can catch up with the extended family. Its a bring your own food type event so cook up something nice at home and bring it over. The overstay will make some basic rice

Overstay Live

Overstay live is a platform to showcase upcoming music and art in Bangkok. Its a weekly event with no cover charge showing one performance of 20 min starting at 10 pm. It will be live streamed on Facebook with quality Mirrorless Camera and using hi end microphone. We are interested in alternative music ; art

Rockers come to town Vol.9

Rockers come to town Vol.9 “Beat roots” Selector ……………………………….. Bigtiger Olbi iyah Egg funkyfamo Karma rhyme warrior And more guest Feeling the roots music Dance with classic beat to nu beat. Soundsystem style Welcome to bass and beat culture 8 june 2019 @The Overstay Ticket 200.-

Cat Clut // synth-bass-booty-beats

—————————————— Cat Cult : The Clawing —————————————— SYNTH :: BASS :: BOOTY :: BEATS — Cat Cult: A Collective of musicians and dj’s from across Vietnam & Australia. ***LINE-UP*** TIny Giant Tomes Vibemaster Bonanza Jellybean — Tiny Giant Tiny Giant is a Hanoi-based live music duo featuring the deep vocal musings of LinhHafornow and the

Atmosphere Night

Gothic Style and enjoy the live music of Ajin(Experimental Rock) and Reverse(Ambient Folk). Line up 20.00 Face Make up (Free) 21.00 Djs – Cabaret Circus 22.00 Reverse – Ambient Folk 22.30 Ajin – Experimental Rock Dress code : Black / Blood Entry : 100 baht to support artists and **Click “going for free 1 Drink”** Place: